AirBuddy 2.5 Release Notes

This is a significant update which includes a vast amount of new features, fixes, and improvements. It's almost an AirBuddy 3.0, but I'm saving that version number for some bigger announcements down the line 😉

New Features and Improvements

New Features for macOS Monterey

Proximity Engine 2.0

This version introduces the new Proximity Engine 2.0 on macOS Monterey, a complete overhaul of the AirBuddy Bluetooth Low Energy stack that talks to your AirPods, faster and more reliable than ever.

The app is now up to 5x faster at reacting to the state of your nearby AirPods or Beats device, so a quick open of your AirPods charging case next to your Mac is all you need to check the battery status and connect to them with just a click.

Proximity Engine 2.0 will be rolling out to previous versions of macOS as well with a future update, but you can try it out right now by enabling "Proximity Engine 2.0" in the app's settings under Proximity > Advanced.

Beyond Apple and Beats

AirBuddy now works with some third-party devices in macOS Monterey, such as the Sony WF and WH series headsets. These devices don't have Apple's W1 or H1 chip, so functionality is limited. They are only shown while connected to the Mac, but can be pinned to the list for quick connection. Battery alerts can also be configured for such devices, as long as they provide battery information to macOS.

Shortcuts Actions

AirBuddy 2.5 comes with a great selection of actions for the Shortcuts app, which you can use to get information about your devices, connect, disconnect, modify settings, and more. Combining actions from AirBuddy with system actions, actions from other apps and the different ways that you can trigger shortcuts on the Mac gives you great power to control and automate tasks related to your AirPods and other devices.

Here's a brief introduction to the actions that are available in AirBuddy 2.5, but there are more to come in future updates:

Other features and improvements for Monterey:

Other Improvements, Bug Fixes and Tidbits

Update Notices